It's the puzzle described as "the Rubik's cube of the 21st century" and readers can't get enough of them. Now you can have a sudoku puzzle from the author of The Daily Telegraph Sudoku for your pages. It was Michael Mepham's puzzle that hit national newspaper front pages in February 2005.

Each puzzle is guaranteed to be:

1) Unique and with just one solution all important as you'll only want to publish one solution and if you run a sudoku competition you'll want only one winner.

2) Graded in difficulty. We can supply puzzles that range from the very easy up to the nigh-on impossible and the costs are the same.

3) Symmetrical. You will want a puzzle that looks good on the page and that doesn't attract derisive comments from the sudoku devotees.

We supply puzzles in all electronic formats, put PDF is the preferred format for many of our customers

If you are shopping for quantity, you'll be pleasantly surprised at the discounts available.

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Visit the sudoku web site to find out more about the puzzle that's all the rage