Ask most newspaper or magazine typesetters what they would most like to be set out of house and they are likely to answer chess, bridge and puzzles.

That's great for us because at Michael Mepham Editorial Services, these are the areas in which we excel. Over 35 years service in typesetting and design and 25 years specialising in puzzles and games gives us an edge that cannot be equalled.

We have produced puzzles for most of Fleet Street. When it comes to puzzle book production, publishers are pleased to turn to Michael Mepham for a quick and dependable service.


We can supply articles and puzzles set by the world's best chess writers. Grandmasters and international masters will write your article and it will be typeset and prepared as a PDF to drop into your publication.


It's one of the world's most popular pastimes and your readers love to pick up tips from our bridge experts. As with all our puzzles and features it will be written and produced so that it arrives as an electronic file to drop into your publication.

scrabble and other puzzles

You've probably got the idea now that we can supply all manner of puzzles and games in a format that will suit your publication.

Don't hesitate to contact Michael Mepham for all your puzzle creation and production needs.


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other games and


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